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Product Catalogues

Dig3 Media and 3D Productions

Dig3 specializes in production and 3D services for architecture and building. 3D presentation, animated promotional movies and interactive guides.

Taski Isreal

Representative of Taski - The world leading company for professional cleaning and maintenance machines, dealing in import, marketing and services of guidance and repair for the cleaning machines and maintenance equipment by Taski.

Nana Deco

Nana Deco operating from 2004 is a dynamic company specializing in hydroponic and internal flora for the business sector.

Venus Advertising

The Venus company, specializing in unique media solutions - from 3D models to shelf signs and elctro-magnetic facilities.


The Kupper company imports and markets kitchen luxury - of the finest companies: Ovens, stove-tops, stove ventilators and more, in the most advanced technologies in the world. The website features a product search engine by Allnet4u.

Companics Communications & Electronics

Companics Communications & Electronics. On the website - A catalogue of the company products

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