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Website Maintenance

Companies tend to invest a one-time payment in internet websites and expect the website to be another sales/marketing channel without having to invest beyond the initial building cost and monthly storage fee. Site maintenance (site support) includes the technical development work and marketing required by a site in order to succeed.

However, as it has already been proven, sites which have not undergone intensive marketing and promotion and have not taken the care to update or technically upgrade once a year have not survived or at most exist on the internet but hardly bear any results.

Allnet4u regularly maintains the following sites:
Sano Group sites 
Dog Training School – Dog Whisperer
The Alex Zinger Project

and a number of additional sites for small and medium businesses.

These clients have service reading applications installed, enabling them to open work requests, define priorities and follow the work status.

It is important to understand that, in the same way that you cannot open a shop, even in the most ideal location, without placing a sales person and shop manager in it, you will not be able to sell!! It is possible you could be an ideal salesperson but your knowledge of the internet world and your experience in the internet marketing field and ever-changing technological abilities is too small, and therefore you need to appoint a shop manager experienced in the field of internet.

The support and maintenance of the internet website should be flexible and enable you to choose the most suitable support channel for you while combining extra channels when required.

It is important to understand that even if your website is advertised daily in the media (press, search engines, flyers or inserts, etc...) and even if you have managed to bring a large flow of surfers to your website, it is not at all certain that you will be able to sell through the website. There is a need to learn the movement of the surfers in your website, to try and understand what the problems in the website are, why people don’t order? What pages the surfers abandon. There is a need to follow the website statistics in order to examine from where the surfers reach you and to invest the majority of your marketing budget in the place that brings you the largest flow of surfers. There is a need to regularly update the website in order to maintain the surfers’ awareness and interest… in short there is a lot of work that needs to be done on an internet website and it is recommended to hire professional service at a low but worthwhile monthly rate.

Allnet4u has website support (website maintenance) packages suited to the needs of the website at a monthly rate. The packages are flexible and are prone to monthly changes according to the client’s needs. The packages include changes and technical system updates, site promotion over the internet (optimization), marketing support to position the website on the internet as leading in its field and more.

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