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New Projects

Launching the website
Launching the website
Servicing contract with Unilever Israel for use of the system

June 2008
Maintaining the website
We signed a contract to maintain the websites and
 We signed a contract to maintain the Haal pension fund website 
A new website
Launching of a virtual shop system

February to May
Call 0772008598



The launch of an export/trade site for Sano will soon be launched
Soon an upgrade and redesign for the Jerusalem Cantor Chior
Website maintenance for Alex Singer
Launching of the website Eilats’ recreational magazine
Launching of the website
IQ A system of IQ tests for a client in the United States


December 2007
Website maintenance for Avner Raz - "The Dog Whisperer"
 Soon, the launching of the website
IQ A system of IQ tests for a client in the United States.  
Developing the website for the construction company Esdan.
Developing the website for the
LINER:::Design studio.
Developing a newsletter system for the company
Launching a banner system for Israels’ Coaching Portal.
Launching of the new website!

November  2007
 Development and establishment of trading websites for products from Israel for the Persian/Halab community in the United States.
Website maintenance for the franchize dealing with tourist package sales for the international crowd.

October 2007
Launching a website for the book "On the Way Up" by Doron and Shiri
 Launching a mini website for Robert Kiyosakis’ visit to Israel.
 Launching of a new design/layout for Israels’ Coaching Portal.







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