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ECommerce| Trade sites
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Allnet4u was established in 1999 by Gil Benolid and Nurit Hararri, experienced internet application programmers of high-tech companies.

Allnet4u specializes in planning complex program projects, site maintenance, developing and building sites, internet applications such as: virtual shops, content sites, building promotional websites, designing and developing applications and content managers.
Ranging from supervision, consulting and analyzing systems, planning, designing sites and applications, interfacing and developing smart electronic trading programs, to implementing promotional websites, promoting them and storing them on the company servers.

Recent Projects
The trade site of the American Express credit card company. The site offers a variety of products for American Express card holders.

Party Info
Party Info, Eilat’s recreational magazine. The site exhibits the monthly magazine in flash format allowing to browse it as a magazine.

The company has launched many internet and intranet applications. Allnet4u applications are characterized by the clients’ ability to independently manage the contents and objects with extreme convenience, with precise business process, and without previous professional knowledge or additional costs.

The Allnet4u team includes programming professionals, system information analyzers, and designers who offer wide scale and logical solutions for every building of a website, management program or any other technological challenge, beginning with the first characterization step and until its storage on the company servers.

The company offers its clients a wide variety of services in internet marketing and advertising:
  • Building public relations websites, sales websites or complex content sites, designed in a smart way allowing easy, flowing and comfortable use.
  • Website maintenance, inserting content and upgrading sites.
  • Assimilation of content management programs and forums in existing sites.
  • Registering websites in leading search engines and indexes in Israel and around the world.
  • Storage services and site maintenance on advanced servers.
  • Storage services and site maintenance on advanced servers.
  • Designing advert campaign banners and buying advertisement spaces.
  • Building business presentations.

Site maintenance, updating and inserting content, site upgrades, and website building:

Maintaining the company sites, inserting content and upgrading the site systems.
Hug – Israel’s activity index
Upgrading the site and systems, site maintenance, content management system. To view the project.
Coaching Interactive – Israel’s coach portal.
Maintaining the site, developing systems, building coaching sites and landing pages for Google advertising.






Footnote regarding site promotion:
True on the 15.01.08, we were ranked by Google for the following search terms in Hebrew:
Digital archive management  (1 out of   1,560,000 results).
Digital archive  (6 out of   2,340,000 results).
Site maintenance   (8 out of   163,000 results), 
Sites maintenance  (10-12 out of   662,000 results).
Virtual shop  (30-35 out of 376,000 results).
Consultation and marketing on the internet (21-30 out of 735,000 results).

The company is precise about professional work, dedicated service and personal relationships with each and every client, large or small.
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